On the night of 30 December 1978, Argosy Aircraft ZK-SAE, the “Merchant Enterprise”, with two pilots and a three person television crew on board, was followed by a group of fast moving and unexplained lights. Fly the ‘Marlborough Argosy’ – flights will take off 7.30 pm each night 20-30 December (except Christmas evening) 2018. $22 Adults, $10 Children.



Visit the Argosy Aircraft
760 Middle Renwick Rd, Woodbourne, Marlborough District

SUMMER – open most days 10am – 6pm
WINTER – open most days 10am – 4pm
DONATION – $2 adults  Your donation allows us to keep this valuable aviation museum and archive flying. Thank you.

Contact us for further information and flights:

“Fly the giant – at Economy Class prices.”
This summer you will be able to book a “virtual flight”, complete with inflight movies and meals, on board the historic Argosy aircraft at Woodbourne. None of these unique twin-boom aircraft are left flying anywhere in the world.

Paul says “There’s only one way to ever fly an Argosy these days, and that’s to come to Woodbourne. I guarantee you will not know the difference from a real flight – except your ears won’t pop!”

The flights will take off summer 2018. Meantime, the aircraft is open to the public by appointment.
CONTACT: Paul Davidson. 021 950600 paul@argosy.org.nz