The Argosy aircraft is having an overdue spruce-up, with advice and moral support from many people. Currently water-blasting accumulated grime, full re-paint of booms and 8 metre tails nearly complete, thanks to Callum at Gear Up! In a couple of months the historic old girl will look like she just came out of the factory.

Come fly soon! 😜

Contact for information. 021 950 600

760 Middle Renwick Rd, Woodbourne, Marlborough District.
PO Box 38
Marlborough New Zealand

The 2020 refurbisment of the Argosy plane – had a double boost, time during the Covid-19 emergency and beautiful still Autumn weather.

June 2020: Plane open each day, 10am to 4pm. Virtual flight experience – group bookings now open. Morning or afternoon tea – $15 per head. 

“Fly the giant – at Economy Class prices!

A unique experience for your social group is a “virtual flight” aboard the Argosy, complete with cabin service, refreshments and inflight entertainment. Learn the history of this remarkable aircraft – the last of its kind in the world.

AIRCRAFT CONTACT:   (Virtual Flight bookings, enquiries etc)

Paul Davidson   021 950600

RUNWAY CAFÉ CONTACT:   (Table bookings, menus, enquiries etc)

Lisa Stove  03 572 5228