On the night of 30 December 1978, Argosy aircraft ZK-SAE, the “Merchant Enterprise”, with two pilots and a three person television crew on board, was followed down the Kaikoura coast, New Zealand, by a group of fast moving and unexplained lights.

At the same time the objects were being tracked by ground radar stations and the radar on the aircraft. The lights were also filmed by the professional cameraman aboard the aircraft, while the reporter provided a live running commentary.

These events caused a world-wide media sensation and sparked official Governmental and scientific inquiries – but the “Kaikoura UFOs” remain one of the most intriguing UFO encounters of all time.

“Fourty years later you can now see and hear for yourself what really happened on that remarkable night – from the people who were there.”

The video documentary DVD “The Kaikoura UFOs” is available for sale.  2009 Produced and Directed by Paul Davidson. Duration 30 minutes.  All proceeds assist the Argosy Trust with ongoing Argosy Aircraft preservation and maintenance.

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